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Mit dem Fantasy-Novel-Game RunWithMe erfindet Neon Lynx das eBook neu

Enter a world of endless possibilities with RunWithMe, the groundbreaking Fantasy Novel Game that lets you shape your own adventure. What if Bella had chosen the werewolf? What if Katniss had taken a different path in the Hunger Games? RunWithMe"allows you to decide the fate of the story like never before.

Das Spiel

RunWithMe is a unique combination of a mobile game and an eBook. Immerse yourself in the thrilling urban fantasy story and become the author of your own novel. Captivating images of fantastical creatures, along with augmented reality filters, will draw you deeper into the adventure. "We believe an eBook can offer so much more than just saving paper and ink," explains Sophia Schoene, founder of Neon Lynx.

Die Story

Lia's world of school and social media is turned upside down. She encounters shimmering dragons in the asphalt and faces attacks from malevolent beings. Three strangers embroiled in bitter feuds try to win her allegiance. Lia is lost and uncertain, unsure whom to trust. Lennox, a descendant of the powerful Rieck dynasty, seems to know everything about her—but how? Morrigan, a mysterious and fearsome Oblivian, is rumored to wield dark magic. Will he truly help Lia, or betray her to the enemy? And Arianna, the intriguing leader of the Emerald Underground Rebellion, claims that Lia plays a crucial role in the battle against darkness. Yet, even her own people distrust Lia as if she were the enemy herself. In this deadly power struggle, Lia must decide who will join her on this perilous adventure and uncover how she became a central figure in the conflict.

Wird sie herausfinden, wer sie ist und wem sie trauen kann? Am Ende könnte es ein Happy End geben. Oder auch ganz anders kommen …

Das Gaming Studio

Neon Lynx boasts an unusually high ratio of women, challenging industry norms. Here, games are crafted by women, for women. "When Sophia shared her startup idea and the first game with me, I had one condition," recalls freelance copywriter and co-author Thordis Taag, "Nothing like Twilight!" The sentiment resonated with Neon Lynx, determined to break free from clichés of helpless heroines awaiting vampire saviors. "The name of the game is 'Run With Me,' not 'Who Can I Run After,'" emphasizes Elisabeth Mell, the studio's marketing representative and freelance audio narrator. "Narratives shape the thinking of entire generations. We want to tell stories of strong women, not just little, weak girls," explains Thordis Taag.

Die Förderungen

Mit dem Story- und Spielkonzept konnte das junge Gaming Studio auch das für Digitalisierung zuständige Bundesministerium überzeugen und erhielt eine Summe aus dem Topf für Computerspieleförderung der Bundes.

from the computer games funding poo. Under the banner 'Playing your way to innovation,' the federal government has supported the games sector since 2019. The goal is to elevate its global competitiveness.

"RunWithMe" is designed for an international audience. The initial version is available in both German and English, with an audio version for visually impaired individuals coming soon. Supported by a fund for "innovative digital audiovisual content" from HessenFilm und Medien GmbH, an audioventure version of the game is under development. Following the same "choose your own adventure" principle, listeners can interact by swiping, deciding whether game heroine Lia should ignore or engage with the talking weaseldragon on her school desk, or choose to crawl into a dark tunnel or confront the hellhound.

Das Spiel, nochmal

With up to 1000 choices available, players' decisions have far-reaching consequences. Lia's relationships with the three key characters develop based on how she interacts with them. This unique "Who would you fall for" principle sets "RunWithMe" apart from other European gaming landscapes. Speaking of competition, Sophia Schoene remarks, "We're incomparable to similar games on the market. We've seen questionable mobile games for girls with bad stories, graphics, and paywalls. That won't happen with Lia, who usually wears a black shirt with traces of monster blood—an authentic and relatable protagonist."

RunWithMe wird ib sofort im App Store und bei Google Play zum Einmalkauf angeboten. Es gibt keine In-Game-Käufe, keine versteckten Kosten und keine Vampire. Wer das Spiel ersteht, kann es von Anfang bis Ende durchspielen, und zwar so oft man möchte.

Genug Vampir-Bashing und losgespielt!


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